Cannabidiol or CBD oil has garnered much attention from the medical, clinical, and scientific community these past few years, mainly because of its many supposed positive benefits on the human body. While half of these claims still needed extensive studies from all sides to be proven safe and effective, a handful of its medicinal properties have acknowledged already by various experts (like pain management and relief). One of these proven benefits is its ability to help patients reduce stress and anxiety.
Buying Cannabis Oil for Stress
As you probably know by now, Cannabis oil is extracted either from cannabis plant or industrial hemp. While the purity you can get from either source is different from each other, its effects on stress and anxiety relief is almost the same. For this reason, most people who are more than willing to find where to buy cannabis oil are those who have some social anxiety disorder that cannot be cured with behavioural treatment alone.
A recent study had revealed that those who use CBD oil exhibit brain scans that are significantly different with those taken before they took CBD. A separate study also concluded that CBD oils offer a possible cure for numerous forms of anxiety including generalized anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive behaviour, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). CBD oil is also recommended for those suffering depression and other forms of psychosis.
Side benefits of using CBD hemp oils
Interestingly, those are also asking where to find cannabis oils for pain can enjoy the side benefit of reducing the levels of their anxiety as well as help patients to sleep better during the night. This is especially helpful as both physical pain and mental anguish are exhausting to carry.Those who use CBD oil for their pain management must know by now that while using CBD is helpful, it might not be a good idea to let your body get used to it by administering it daily. Though CBD is non-addictive, the daily use of it might lose your ability to dream during sleep (something that’s not entirely good nor bad, depending on your circumstance). Still, it might be best to regulate or use the most minimal dosage to relieve your stress or anxiety.

Why CBD works in relieving stress and anxiety
Here, CBD oil works as it does when dealing with pain management – by attacking the source directly. In this case, the molecules of CBD oil targets the mood-regulating hormone, serotonin. While CBD oil does not help in its production, it does make serotonin more readily available for the body to use. Thus, those who are suffering from anxiety feels less stress as serotonin starts kicking in.

Aside from opening up the pathway to serotonin, CBD also stimulates your brain into neurogenesis (production of new cells). Though this ability might seem totally unrelated in managing stress, just know that anxiety can make your brain’s hippocampus (the area responsible for your emotions) shrink. For this reason, neurogenesis is highly important as it prevents this very instance from happening. In fact, using CBD enlarges the hippocampus, which leads to feeling less anxious.

The reason why CBD works well in relieving stress and anxiety is because it takes advantage of the body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network normally found in mammals which is wholly responsible in balancing all bodily functions so that they won’t work against each other.

CBD actually improves the receptors found in the ECS systems, which often lead to an improve immune system response. Usually when a person is anxious or stress, the brain is triggered to release a flight-or-fight response (other times, this would be called survival instinct). For most people, this meant releasing the appropriate hormones to handle feelings of stress and anxiety, and even prepare itself from the feelings of eventual pain.

However, for some people, the flight-or-fight response can have some very light ‘triggers’. This is typical of a person suffering from specific societal anxiety disorders like PTSD. For this reason, the release of the required hormones are more frequent than usual. This, in turn, often results to patients feeling tired and lethargic all the time. More  information about on where can you buy cbd oils.

Fortunately, those who use CBD during these trying times often found themselves dealing with such triggers better. This is because CBD helps regulate the flight-or-fight hormones by stimulating the right molecules (like anandamide) to make you feel better.

The best thing about using CBD is that its effects are cumulative – meaning, its positive health benefits grow over time. Of course, reducing your stress lead to a better quality sleep and appetite. These would often lead to other physical benefits like a glowing skin, stronger hair, and improved general health. FInding the right dosage of CBD oil is always tricky. If you are in doubt, always consult a physician with experience in CBD oil prescriptions. This way, you can guarantee that you’ll be administered the exact amount required to relieve your stress and anxiety disorders.

Where can you buy cbd oils
There are plenty of places where you can buy CBD hemp oils. If you are living in a state where the use of medical marijuana is already legalized, then it’s just a matter of finding a reputable health store. You can also try the dispensaries, as they often offer this product along with the real thing. If you are feeling a bit lazy (or is not ready to go to a physical store to purchase one), then you can always order one online. Just make sure to read customer reviews first and research the brand before making a purchase. This is to ensure that you’ll buy the highest quality CBD that your money can buy.

Also, always read the label as some CBD oil products have some trace amounts of THC. Though when present in negligible amounts this might not posed a problem, you have to be careful as THC is the component responsible for producing the feelings of euphoria normally experienced by ordinary weed smokers. Furthermore, THC is the main reason why cannabis is considered as a regulated drug in the first place. All in all, it might better to stick with pure CBD oils to treat your anxiety and stress.