Pharmaceutical and medical research has discovered many modern day medical treatments for various.  A good example is the various medications in the market now for treating high blood pressure.  Heart specialists would often prescribe the latest drug they know available and often do not care how much they cost.  It is true however that not all of them are good or effective at all especially when used in combination.  The same will be true who are on treatment with cannabis because not all medicines are completely safe.

For those ask where to find cannabis oils for pain, they should make sure that regular pain relievers no longer are effective for them.  Regular analgesics have fewer side effects and addictive compared to cannabis.  There could instances where people will fake or feign being in pain, even if there is none, just to get hold of medical marijuana.  If buying cannabis oils can be used topically, it might be safe to be use as it is only absorbed by the skin and muscles and only a minute amount can penetrate blood vessels.

Marijuana becomes addictive when it goes to the blood stream and reaches the brain.  Topical ointments hardly reach the blood stream and have an effect on human brains.   The same will be true for creams and other skin applications that relieve pain.  Internal body pains can hardly be treated with oils, except probably for stomach or intestinal pains.  Most arthritic pains are really painful so those buying cannabis oils for such treatment could benefit from it.

Depression or stress

Many, if not most, marijuana users use it relieve themselves from depression or stress because it gives that kind of ‘high’ unmindful of what is going around them.  Addicts would often say they are happy when they are on weeds that surely mean their perception and judgments are affected.  Those that on a very ‘high’ state might even just laugh at gruesome events unfolding before them.   That is the reason why people say that they are weird because their state of mind is not normal.  They do not express sympathy or compassion when under the influence of the drugs.

So for those asking where can i buy cannabis oil for stress, double check on how it works when used.  For sure, you would be taking it internally for it to get in your blood streams to reach your brain.  Remember that oil, like fats, lasts longer in the system of the human body to be digested.  This is especially true when consuming large volumes of fat or oil.  It is an accepted fact that carbohydrates, fats and protein are the major nutrients for human beings.  This means they are absorbed or stored in some ways so the body can make use of them.

This will be the same for cannabis oil a treatment of stress.  It needs to be absorbed by the body and get into the bloodstream and reach the brain as fast as possible.  It will only be then that the cannabis oil will start to work on the stress condition of the patient.  The question that comes up is: How long will be the effect of cannabis oil before another dosage is required.  Not only that, how long does cannabis oil take effect after it is ingested?